Interactive product naming process

One of the most valuable assets a business owns - arguably the most valuable for many companies - is its brand. So, when Jones Lang LaSalle rebranded itself as JLL, it was vital that the new brand was represented correctly right across the business. And there lies the problem: JLL is a very big business, with lots of branded output.

As a world leader in real estate services, JLL is spread across a network of 300 offices in 80 countries. Historically each country has liked to do things its own way. This means the myriad of reports, presentations, websites and apps produced by the 85,000-plus employees can all look very different. JLL needed to get a grip on this to make sure that everything produced by the company actually looks like it came from the company.


The solution was for Huddle to produce an interactive process for naming assets. The resulting guidelines allowed JLL’s employees to independently create a name for any document or asset and ensure the name fits with the brand guidelines, before it is approved at brand level.

In theory this should be simple, but as well as ensuring that each name passed a stringent legal process, there were certain rules that had to be followed, such as no abbreviations or made up words. And everything needed to reflect JLL’s values of collaboration, curiosity and confidence and spell out the company’s mission: to deliver its client’s ambitions.

Despite there being many complexities (a Huddle speciality), the key to solving the problem was to keep everything straightforward through a seven-step process. This now gives JLL a guarantee their brand will be protected and portrayed just as it should be.


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