Creating a unique visual language





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Looking as unique as you feel

As a highly progressive ecommerce consultancy, Practicology wanted to find a unique and high powered expression of the brand that would be true to their analytical and visionary consultative approach. Practicologists are a rare breed. Not only do they talk the talk, but because their consultants offer practical insights from working within the multichannel teams of successful retailers, they walk the walk too.

Building a unique brand visual language

Positioning was built around their wealth of experience within the sector, especially with CEO Martin Newman being one of the most recognised thought leaders within the industry. We summed up their point of difference with the simple brand positioning of 'Defining Commerce.'

This was brought through into the visual identity by building a visual language that took its visual cues from dictionary definition text arrangements. This is particularly prominent within the brand logotype. To elevate the brand’s verbal aesthetic we made specific typographic selections that brought together the two contrasting worlds which the brand draws from. A classic serif portrays the strategic/thought led space, and a monospaced sans serif embodies the digital side.

To bring the world of ecommerce to life we partnered with established illustrator Raymond Biesinger. A series of smaller illustrations each representing a service or fundamental of commerce, made up the construct of the overall commerce figurehead. Biesinger’s collage approach along with his use of subtle texture brought a human touch into the digital world of the brand.

Strikingly different leadership

Through an intelligent logotype and striking dictionary-esque visual language, Practicology’s brand now reflects who they are in no uncertain terms: leaders in their field. We also extended the brand into our design of their beautiful and informative website, imbuing it with the brand essence and their unique illustrative style.