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A strong visual identity enhances brand recognition, increases brand loyalty, creates differentiation and drives customer engagement and sales.

With the foundations in place, we create the building blocks of your brand: shaping a flexible, robust verbal and visual system where every detail of the big idea is deeply considered and elegantly crafted. It's where strategic thought is transformed into beautiful creative expression.


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Getting everyone aligned

Creative brief & scope

We start our Brand Identity Service by developing a creative brief that outlines the scope of the project, including the target audience, brand positioning, and desired outcomes. This helps us to align on the project's goals and ensure that we're all on the same page.


Inspiring and exciting

Creative territory & mood board

Next up we propose a creative territory and mood board that capture the essence and personality of your brand. This includes selecting visual elements such as colours, typography and imagery that align perfectly with your brand's values and will resonate with your audiences.


Bringing identity to life

Visual identity concept

The visual identity concept incorporates the elements, feedback and direction identified in the creative territory and mood board stage. This includes creating mock-ups of key deliverables such as logos, business cards and social media assets to get a feel for how the brand identity looks in the real world.


The final polish

Visual identity development

Once the concept has been approved, we move on to developing the final brand visual identity assets, including high-resolution versions of logos, colour palettes, typography, and imagery. We ensure that all elements are optimised for use across all brand channels and touchpoints.


Pulling it all together

Final visual identity presentation

We present the new visual identity in a comprehensive, designed guide that pulls together all the work from this phase. This gives all stakeholders a clear understanding of how the new brand identity has been developed and the ways it can be applied.


The key principles that guide a perfect Brand Identity


All elements of the brand identity, including the logo, colour scheme, typography and graphic devices, should be perfectly consistent across all channels and touchpoints.


A strong brand identity naturally differentiates the brand from its competitors, communicating a unique value proposition and stand out in a crowded marketplace.


A powerful visual identity is effortlessly flexible and adaptable to different contexts and mediums and easily scalable to different sizes and formats.


All elements of the brand visual identity should work together seamlessly to create a cohesive and integrated whole, with a clear sense of harmony and unity.

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Client testimonials

You can take our word for it. Or you can take theirs.

"…everyone absolutely loved where we've got to with the brand and can't thank and praise you enough for your incredible hard work to get us to where we are! Angharad said that seeing this made her heart sing! So you've done a really great job. Mark said he 'f*cking loved it' and this is the Hope and Homes he's always wanted it to be, so that's really pretty great…"

Julia Mazorodze

Head Of Global Brand And Communications

Hope And Homes For Children