Vibe IQ

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Vibe IQ is an American tech company that enables brands to accelerate their go-to-market processes with collaborative apps and an extendable cloud platform. We were asked to refresh the Vibe IQ brand by delivering new style guidelines and a new website design, using Wordpress as the CMS to give them the most flexible and scalable solution.

The Brief

When Vibe IQ came to Huddle, the brand’s identity and website didn’t reflect their current situation or goals. They want to own the digital go to market (DGTM) space, and so they need credibility and position in their industry. They need a timeless, modern, and progressive loo

What did we do?

The starting point was to redraw the logo and create a more contemporary and modern look to the brand. From the new logo, we developed an in-depth style guideline system that then was applied to different brand applications and platforms, ensuring a consistent look and feel. Finally, we worked on the website design, reflecting this new identity and modern look seamlessly throughout the new site.

How did we do?

Phase 1: Brand Refresh

Our branding team got to work with a light touch brand refresh, updating their logo and developing key icons, colours and other elements to be used throughout the new website.

This creative refresh included:

  • Logo assets and variations
  • Primary colour palette
  • Artwork for files and graphics
  • Core style guide
  • Icons to use across their brand.

Phase 2: Website Design + Build

Our team of creative digital experts then developed a comprehensive UX and UI design for the new website. Built with SEO in mind from the start, the new site sets them up for success by positioning them exactly where they need to be.

This digital design overhaul included:

  • Creating wireframes for all key pages
  • Timeless and modern user interface design
  • Creative UX design and testing

Huddle and Vibe IQ continue to work together through Huddle on Demand, a flexible and cost-effective way of delivering the assets the client needs across our 3 core services, branding, digital and content. This comes with all the lean, fast-paced and collaborative working philosophy of Huddle.

We created a much more contemporary and modern look that represents Vibe IQ as the industry leaders that they are. We also applied this new look and feel across their website design and build, as well as creating style guidelines for them to use moving forward. Due to the great work of our team, Vibe IQ now has a clear, confident and consistent visual and written identity, a solid foundation to grow their brand from.


“Our new website flawlessly represents VibeIQ’s identity and will foster the growth of VibeIQ from a product, sales and marketing view. This new website is top tier and we are grateful for the creative and bright minds at Huddle for bringing our vision to life. One thing that stands out to me about Huddle is their quality of work. They never deliver anything with partial effort and every asset is created with an artist’s touch. All while staying consistent with our brand’s style guidelines. Everything is created with intention. We absolutely love working with the Huddle team and we look forward to our continued partnership. Thank you for all you do and for believing in us!"

Maria Schroeder

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Vibe IQ