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Businesses need branding. Well considered and authentic branding can set a business apart from its competitors, promote products and services to consumers, cultivate brand loyalty to retain customers, and bolster competitive advantage in crowded markets.

But to achieve that, branding needs to be built on individuality. That’s where we come in. At Huddle we're a branding agency with an ethos to take the uniqueness of every business, elevate it, and then let it communicate its value to the world.

That’s why our digital branding services are designed to redefine your brand messaging, realign your brand positioning, and reposition your business branding in the front and centre of the minds of your consumers.

We know that a strong brand strategy is an integral part of any business's success. As such, we offer a range of brand strategy services to guide businesses, both big and small, through the process of building a strong and memorable brand.


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Uncovering what makes you different

Brand audit and immersion

Our deep dive into your brand's history, identity, and messaging through stakeholder interviews and discussions. We map out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your brand strategy, and create a platform for our initial insights and thinking.


Building the foundations together

Brand strategy workshop

Also known as the Huddle Hack, this workshop brings together our team and your key stakeholders to collaboratively explore the insights revealed by the audit and begin to build out the strategic foundations. We make sure that all voices are heard, thinking is tested and the resulting direction is clear and aligned.


Defining your brand universe

Brand profile

Using the Hack outputs we develop your full brand profile based on the 6Cs of category, company, competition, consumer, culture and content. This profile helps us to identify key insights and trends related to your brand and sector and reach a place of agreement that we can build from.


Connecting with your audiences

Brand positioning

With the Profile agreed, we articulate your brand's authentic positioning including the mission, long-term vision and values, which provide a north star for your brand's relationship with your audiences.


Succinctly summarising the strategy

Brand strategy canvas

We produce a beautifully simple and effective visual tool that provides a clear and concise one page overview of every element of your brand's strategy, ensuring that all are aligned and consistent.


The key principles that guide a perfect Brand Strategy


Your brand strategy must be based on your truth, the foundations of who you are. It must be aligned with the fundamental behaviours and characteristics that have so far helped to shape and build your brand, and it must communicate these in your brand messaging.


Brand strategies need to be more like a blueprint than a thesis. Keeping your strategy clear, concise and simple will ensure everyone across the organisation understands and follows it through your simple, clear and digestible brand guidelines.


No two people are the same, and no two brands should be either. We love discovering what makes you, you. We get to the heart of what makes your brand stand out so your audiences fall in love with it too.


Success at this stage is rooted in developing a strong rapport that allows us to truly get under the skin of your business. The more we commit to the process upfront, the more we all get out of it in the end.

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We know you have questions. Whether you're a branding expert or if you feel out of your depth, it comes down to finding like-minded people you can connect with, trust to do a great job, and feel excited about working with.

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Client testimonials

You can take our word for it. Or you can take theirs.

"What a great team Huddle are - embarking on changing the look and feel of an old established brand is not a task that is easily undertaken but Huddle did a fantastic job at helping us navigate and explore our brand personality in a way that felt comfortable and enjoyable and helping us to see change was possible.  Great creative output and a team that never fears to challenge knowing that to get great work and great results takes great effort.  A great agency to be involved with."

Anthony Threlfall

Head of Marketing