Newcore Capital Management

Forming a new core for the brand






Communicating purpose

Newcore Capital is a ‘for-profit’ business – but one that does things differently, suggested by its status as the first dedicated UK real-estate manager to become a B-Corp company. And with its heart set on making a difference, it needed a brand identity to reflect this.

We were approached to help them tell their story in a more compelling way, one that would connect with both existing and potential investors. Our task was to make Newcore’s brand more distinctive and visible, and to better communicate the company’s purpose across all channels.

Newcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand BrochureNewcore Capital Brand Brochure
Newcore Capital Brand Brochure

Templates and Impact Report

Based on the new branding, we designed their 2022 ESG Impact Report for both digital and print. This was a great opportunity to show how the new brand could be used across different applications and touchpoints.

To tie it all together and facilitate future success, we also designed 2 sets of PowerPoint templates so that their internal teams could recreate the presentations.

A standout brand platform for growth

Newcore needed a strong, future-facing brand and communication platform – a brand platform for growth. With our creative rebrand, we were able to deliver a standout image for Newcore that would help the business achieve its goals. This new look and feel would also pave the way for more engaging, human-centric brand assets and communications.

The website we delivered for Newcore is a great example of how our team can take a complex brief and turn it into a simple, user-friendly and effective solution. The site is clean, modern and minimalistic, with clear calls to action that make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.

To ensure consistency and engagement, the Newcore team required effective design templates that included strong images and clever use of design to aid communication and production.

With infographics, brand guidelines, templates and other key creative assets, we delivered a wide range of tools and solutions that would allow Newcore to tell their story in a more compelling way.

Vibrancy and aspiration embodied

The new brand needed to reflect the Newcore strategy and mission. We kept green as one of our lead colours, however instead opted for a vibrant mint green to help Newcore stand out from the crowd. This helped us to build the timeless and flexible look they wanted.

Their new brand logo is made up of two key components, a semicircle that hugs the circle that represents the core. It is a combination of a simple, modern wordmark and an icon that work seamlessly together.

The result is a brand that feels fresh, trustworthy and aspirational – everything that Newcore set out to achieve.


We built the website in Wordpress and hosted the site using 100% renewable energy with one of our hosting partners. As a brand that cares about sustainability, this is a best practice approach. The bold super graphics throughout the website bring the new brand logo to life and present imagery in a more bold and authentic way, ensuring that the site embodies Newcore's evolved positioning.


“…everyone absolutely loved where we've got to with the brand and can't thank and praise you enough for your incredible hard work to get us to where we are!"

Hugo Llewelyn

Chief Executive Officer

Newcore Capital Management