Bridges Fund Management

Breaking the mould




When most people stop to think about issues like climate change, the rise in chronic health conditions and economic inequality, they see huge challenges. To Bridges Fund Management, they represent an opportunity – for business and investment to help create a better future.

With new industries starting to grow around these social and demographic trends – renewable energy, innovative healthcare and sustainable supply chains, for example – Bridges invests in businesses, properties and mission-driven organisations that are helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Since 2002, Bridges has successfully raised over £1 billion in capital and completed more than 160 investments.

Bridges came to us because its existing brand wasn’t truly reflecting the growth, dynamism and future potential of the business. The team were looking for their brand to be more contemporary and more cohesive across their various on- and off-line marketing assets.

To accomplish this, we devised the arrow motif, which is embedded within the logotype. It represents a positive upwards trajectory, reflecting improved financial and impact performance. It also hints at innovation and future focus, two other aspects of its investment approach that Bridges was keen to highlight.

Importantly, the arrow can be utilised in many different ways across the broad spectrum of collateral the firm produces. Within the logotype, the arrow is always pointing up – a fundamental expression of growth and progress. Elsewhere throughout the brand, the arrow is used both upwards and forwards, always maintaining a relationship with the logo, through size, shape and colour. We also developed a suite of graphics and icons that represent different areas of the business, including the company’s values, investment strategies and impact themes. The colour palette is fresh and minimal, with a bright blue as the status colour – modern and dynamic. The typeface used throughout the brand is Radikal, again chosen to give Bridges a clean and contemporary image (with a slight twist).