Brasier Freeth

Building brand confidence




Brasier Freeth are a firm of Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Property Experts offering a range of services and advice to tenants, landlords, investors, funders and developers from both the public and private sector.

Braiser Freeth’s brief to Huddle Creative was pretty unique! They were often being accused of “punching above their weight” because their brand identity was not reflective of the calibre and success of their business.

Brasier Freeth came to Huddle with a problem: Their proposition was working, but their brand identity and website weren't. What’s more, they needed the two to be cohesive if they were to achieve their objective of truly making their mark in the sector, winning more clients, and eventually being classed as market leaders who looked deserving of their reputation.

At Huddle we soon learnt that what seemed like a simple problem on the surface was actually a little more complex.

Our initial challenge was that Brasier Freeth had various types of audiences and seperate service lines that at times worked together and others times independently.

If we tailored the brand identity too much one way, it would alienate the other audience who so far were all harmoniously managing to find areas of connection within Brasier Freeth’s identity. We knew immediately then that we had to keep that fine balance, and to do that we devised that rather than reinvent the brand, we would simply present an evolutionary transformation instead.

An evolutionary approach ensured that we kept the heart of Brasier Freeth beating by retaining the core values and persona of the business. Those values would also be key to us intertwining what was so far a fragmented audience, and then synchronising the audience experience across all touchpoints.

So that’s exactly where we started: By understanding. We facilitated a Huddle Hack to take a holistic view of the brand platform and truly understand the target audiences. We identified how their needs, desires and values aligned with the Brasier Freeth brand.

Once we had established a deep level of understanding we created subsequent mini workshops to map out the different services so that we could create a brand identity that was cohesive across the entire business.

Once we had developed a clearly defined brand identity we were able to make design decisions which would bring a sense of cohesion across all of the brand touchpoints, starting with the website.

A complete website redesign meant we were able to significantly improve the usability of the site, especially around the search functionality. With careful consideration to the UX and UI across all key pages, we rationalised the service page architecture, and completely overhauled the team page. We applied the new refreshed identity to create a stronger and more credible look and feel throughout, that was much better aligned with Brasier Freeth as a business and as a serious player in their sector.

Finally, once we had unified the messaging and the visual identity we were able to let their new brand strategy shine: A story of unification between the different arcs of the same business which work in perfect harmony alongside each other because of common goals, needs and above all else, a sense of audience and brand connection.

The results for Brasier Freeth were outstanding because the evolutionary process was seamless. To Brasier Freeth’s clientele they were experiencing the same brand proposition and customer experience as before, and all that had changed was the visual look and feel - which was exactly what we wanted.

Overall, we delivered tangible and intangible assets for Brasier Freeth. We delivered a new website that looked modern, professional and reflective of the work the business was doing, but we also delivered a newfound sense of confidence.

Brasier Freeth were able to approach a new clientele confidently with a visual identity that spoke before they had even entered the room.

With increased confidence, the team has also experienced increased efficiency and productivity borne from a sense of feeling (and looking) good, and from their positioning opening up brand new doors to elevate the business to its next level.


“Thanks to Huddle Creative we now have a brand identity that allows us to approach new business opportunities with more confidence that we look the part and are armed with the collateral we need. That as well as a website that is stable, looks great, is easy to navigate and importantly built to be easily managed.”

Katie Hirst

Director Of Marketing