Refreshing brand essence





Every once in a while at Huddle, we write up one of our case studies and find ourselves thinking, ‘There’s no way people will recognise the significant changes that were made to this business...’ This is one of those times.

On the surface, after a demerger from their parent group it might seem that all we did was abbreviate a name and create some nice visual devices that gave the client a powerful new identity in a pretty stuffy marketplace.

Think tips of icebergs and all that. Because under the surface of the final designs, the new identity for Prytania Solutions Ltd was backed by a significant amount of communications and language planning that did way more than shorten the name to PSL.

This is a business that uses highly experienced human brain power backed by an innovative and intuitive machine learning database of valuations data (the business provides valuations of hard-to-value assets). This is seen in subtle ways, such as the digital cursor that underlines the P in PSL and the yellow highlight square.

We couldn’t push the boat out with a new naming strategy because the business still had to trade on its significant experience and name in the marketplace, but we did reposition how the story was told. A new website, stationery, collateral and exhibition materials were developed around a theme of simplicity and clarity. This helps PSL stand out in a marketplace that traditionally overloads the viewer with information, offerings and promises.

The result is a brand that offers a historical nod to its impressive credentials but looks forward to offering clients a fresher approach to valuations.