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You can imagine there is a lot of bluff and bluster in the creative industries of advertising and marketing. Well, that’s not really for us to say, but what we did say to our client, Whitedoor Consulting, is that it would make a refreshing change in their sector if they just got on and delivered some straight talk. Being the super-bright consultants they are, they agreed.

Whitedoor focus on helping advertising, marketing and media agencies and their clients affect change in their businesses and marketing - a surprisingly difficult thing to do for themselves, given they are so expert at crafting changes in consumer behaviour.  

But changing culture and processes can be difficult. Marketing people are themselves extremely focussed on their core work, building brands. Our task was to pull the agency chief or marketing director in by delivering key messaging quickly and show them that there was an easily attainable path to change.


The message was very black and white, austere even (not by accident - agencies especially don’t like to spend their hard-earned margins unnecessarily) but the core disciplines and their benefits were delivered using much brighter and noticeable iconography.

The typography is equally direct: modern, efficient, clean, no nonsense. Photography was kept to a minimum on everything apart from team bios and blog posts - it’s a distraction after all. The final result is a brand that, to borrow a line from a famous ad campaign, does exactly what it says on the tin.

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