AvaTrade, Be More Bolt

Building a bolt from the blue




AvaTrade is one of the world's award-winning online trading platforms, with 200,000 clients, trading volumes in the region of £60 million per month and a choice of adaptable trading platforms. AvaTrade, an award-winning online trading platform wanted to build their brand awareness and earn the attention of new audiences both in the UK and worldwide, using a big campaign to make a big impact. Enter, Huddle.

The brief

AvaTrade came to us at Huddle because they wanted something big, bold and exciting, and they needed it fast: they wanted to generate a campaign that delivered the brand higher brand awareness and recognition, and ultimately down the line conversion to new account signups.

Huddle (alongside a specialist Talent deal brokerage) advised AvaTrade on securing a global celebrity talent partnership to underpin the strategy behind the AvaTrade brand and to produce a range of subsequent marketing assets that would utilise the talent partnership to achieve those set business and marketing objectives.

We decided that we needed a celebrity with a winning mindset, one who encourages fans across the world that you can succeed at everything you set your mind to, whatever that may be. We needed Usain Bolt.

With our mutual growth mindset we developed the creative territory called ‘Be More Bolt’. That became our campaign creative platform that was all about encouraging AvaTrade’s users and potential customers to feel that they too could “Be More Bolt”.

In four months we turned around the Bolt partnership and campaign. To capitalise on the time we had, and produce the most amount of high quality assets we could in such a short time frame, we split our work into three sections:

1. A television advert

Wrote, scripted and produced from scratch. Our creative concept was created alongside a third-party content production partner to ensure it was visually engaging and arresting for those watching. Seven separate films were produced that covered everything from the USPs of Avatrade, such as their speed and security, and team support, through to brand based ideas such as anyone can be a trader to break down initial audience resistance barriers. The TV advert then appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg for a 4 month period.

2. Short marketing assets made for social media

We produced specially designed Cyber Monday adverts utilising Bolt and placed digital adverts on Cyber Monday with a third-party Media Company. We wrote all the copy, and designed the entirety of the digital advertisements including across Google Ads platforms. For the website assets we created special, one-off, AvaTrade landing pages that linked with Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and used our experience to take over websites and design assets for those landing pages to maximise conversions.

3. A timed rollout to build interest and momentum

We championed several tactical campaigns for AvaTrade utilising Usain Bolt as talent ambassador - including special promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns, and a Halloween special to take advantage of seasonal traffic, these tactical campaigns are ongoing and mostly led by Bolt, and originate from a bank of content assets that can be used to produce adverts and social media pieces throughout the following 12 months - all based from just ONE day of shoot time with Usain Bolt.


"Thank you for all of the great work we did together. Huddle is an absolute pleasure to work with and I really enjoyed every minute of working with your talented team."

Eliana Asserson

Marketing Communications