Lucy Bracken, Happy Baby Charity

“I am not sure where to begin my thank you for your enormous kindness and generosity.  You and your team have already been amazing, creating the brand for the Happy Baby Community and all your help and thinking about the website. To further add the donation of two studio days when you were awarded this for YOUR work and YOUR talent, is unbelievably kind.

Helping the mums build this Community with the support and generosity of incredible professionals such as yourselves with such big hearts has been one of the most wonderful opportunities I have ever had.  Thank you so much. Thank you for your time and for the time of the team and for making us all feel so welcome and valued.”

Richard Kerton, Director, Esme Loans

“We were keen to develop a brand and tone that was quite different to the norm and Huddle really challenged and helped the team to take quite a different approach to achieve this.”

“Wow. I was completely blown away by your team’s work on Byron + Wilf. The third route was absolutely what I wanted but didn’t know how to explain and the others were so tempting too! Thank you so so much. I know I am certainly not a big client but I felt as if you have put as much thought into my brand as you would for a global institution. Really, I cannot thank you and your brilliant team enough. I almost cried!

Ann Marie Jahn, Senior Product MAnager, Mayo Clinic

“We’ve got more done with you guys in two days than we did with our previous agency in 10 months”

Russell Tiller, Managing Director, Jump Evolution

"Opening that presentation was like seeing your baby's heartbeat for the first time!"

Louise Burroughs, Partner, White Door Consulting

“Jim and I came out of your offices with a spring in our step and feeling very excited about our lovely new website and branding :)”

Ryan Howsam, Founder, The Entrepreneur

“An excellent job, I'm very visual and I know when I see something which is right and this is bang on.”

William Lyons, Marketing Manager, S3 Group

“My thanks to you (taking calls on off days), Steve, and Charlie who were all very close to the website project. But also please extend my thanks to the wider Huddle and development team. I know timelines were very tight, and caused the team to work outside the normal process, but the effort is greatly appreciated on what I believe will be an excellent and really well received website.

Looking forward to working with Huddle not just in the coming weeks, but in the months ahead on making the website one of the most effective channels for S3 Connected Health.”

Christen Scarpa, MArketing Director, Adbrain

"We had a great experience working with Huddle on our new website design. Their team took the time to really understand our business and proceeded to deliver a design that truly aligned with our message. We were impressed with their ample communication, flexibility with tweaks and changes, and attention to detail. Thank you Huddle, we look forward to working together again soon!"

Simon Albert, Director, Charity Challenge

I have worked very closely with the team at Huddle since I ended a very disappointing episode with another design agency.

Huddle took the time to understand our business, our needs, and more importantly our customer’s needs. They spent a great deal of time asking questions to get to the bottom of the issues before starting to propose solutions and designs. Having run my business for 16 years, I like to think I know what my customers want but they challenged me and have revolutionised not just the brand, the website, and our business communications. They have also broken down and built back up the user experience to enhance and improve the experience, and build a better commercial drive to the website.

The work has not been cheap, by my previous exploits into design, but it has been worth every penny. In fact now I am the one chasing them to find out what more they can do for me to take things to the next level.

They are a great team, with lots of different ideas and skills, that complement each other and as a team, delivers exceptional work, on budget and on time.