The latest Growth Hacker tools to grow your business

We recently attended the Growth Marketing Conference London in partnership with Growth Tribe. The event was centred on business growth, with expert talks and workshops providing insights and actionable advice. Over the conference, we heard about some of the latest and best tools you should be using right now to grow your business...

Facebook Messenger Bots

Increasing numbers of consumers are turning to social media messaging, including Facebook Messenger, to contact businesses with questions, comments, and complaints. While there are tools that will help you manage the influx of customer messages, sometimes they’re just not enough. And customers today expect lightning-fast responses from businesses. That’s where chatbots come in.

Chatbots can help you deliver the right answer the moment a customer asks. Bots on Facebook Messenger will let you automatically provide consumers with immediate responses. They can answer basic questions like “What is your return policy?”, freeing up your customer service team to handle more serious customer issues.


Skylead is the game-changing LinkedIn Automation Tool.

& Cold Email Software. Seamlessly combine LinkedIn and cold email outreach via Smart Sequences for effortless prospecting. Send 500+ personalized invites weekly, discover & verify unlimited emails, and hyper-personalize your outreach. Maximize leads with InMails, personalized Messages, and View & Follow features. Ensure high delivery rates with Email Discovery & Verification. Elevate outreach with Native Image & GIF personalization and experience the power of Smart Sequences, enabling multichannel outreach with unrivalled personalization.


A lead generation CRM that helps you to generate leads using web forms, live chat features, and many more. Also helps you to manage the entire journey of your leads until they become your loyal customers. It also provides features like marketing automation, sales automation, and email automation that can help business to automate tasks and reduce the hassle of doing manual work.

Many Chat

ManyChat is a bot builder for Facebook Messenger with multiple features. It only takes 2 minutes to set up and no coding knowledge is required. Once you’ve created your bot, it can broadcast messages to thousands of your Facebook page subscribers, schedule your messages in advance, send them at the right time, and autopost from the RSS feed of your blog, YouTube, Twitter and from other sources. You can also set up a welcome message to greet new subscribers, automate replies to keywords, and add buttons to your messages which can direct the user to other content or to elsewhere on the web.

Google Search Console

If you’re serious about your website’s SEO and you’re not using Google Search Console, then you need to get on it right away. It’s a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results.  It lets you make sure Google can access your content, see which queries cause your site to appear in search results, find out how your mobile site is performing for visitors searching on mobile, and much more. Search Console can and should be used by everyone with a website.


UsabilityHub is a remote user testing service with five tests to assess your website’s design and help with your design decisions. The Five Second Test asks users what they can recall after viewing your website for five seconds, showing you the clarity of your design. The Click Test asks users to complete a task, measuring the effectiveness of your site’s design. The Question Test allows you to survey users and receive valuable feedback. The Navigation Test shows you how effectively users can navigate around your site. Finally, the Preference Test lets you give users different design options to see which they prefer.


Intercom is a messaging platform for sales, marketing, and support that makes communication with customers easier. It can show you who’s using your product or website and what they’re doing. It also lets you live chat with customers, gain feedback from users, set up targeted emails and in-app messages to onboard and retain customers, and solve customer concerns with an integrated help desk.


ProsperWorks is an easy-to-use CRM system that seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Google Drive, and all other Google Apps letting you work in the tools you already use daily. Google Apps for Work even recommends ProsperWorks as their first and only recommended CRM.  


RetargetLinks is an online advertising service that helps promote your banner ads. Simply shorten a link, share it on your social media, newsletters, emails, or blogposts, and your audience who click on the link will see your banner ads around the web. It works by dropping cookies to those who click on a link and these are then recognized by publishers who display the ads. This means that your audience clicking will be reminded of you as they browse and you’ll stay top of their minds.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt collects and curates the best new products each day. Hundreds of products are submitted daily and users can also submit what they’ve made and get feedback from others in the community. It’s a great way to stay up to date on tech creations, mobile apps, websites, and hardware projects. The Verge has called it a ‘must-read site in Silicon Valley’.


MailLift is a handwritten letter service for sales and marketers. Yes, really! Select a template, recipients, customize other details, and then the letters are ready to be written by real people and sent out. MailLift integrates with over a hundred apps making it quick and easy to use. Rather than mass mailing post that will end up being seen as junk mail, a personalised letter will make it easier to stand out and be remembered. After all, when was the last time you received a handwritten letter?


MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule and publish posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Unlike other social media scheduling tools, it can save your updates after posting and automatically post updates multiple times. Recycling updates is an easy way to drive traffic to a website, and Edgar makes it quicker and easier to do just that.

LeadGen App

LeadGen App is a powerful online form builder that helps businesses and organizations capture more leads and streamline their lead management processes. With its customizable templates, users can easily create multi-step forms that match their branding and gather the information they need. The platform also offers a range of features for verifying, organizing, and analyzing your leads, including the ability to import and export contact lists, segment leads based on specific criteria, and track form performance. Whether you're a small business owner, marketer, or event planner, LeadGen App is the all-in-one solution for capturing and managing valuable leads.

Instant Articles

Instant Articles lets publishers create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. Articles load right away in the News Feed, 10x faster than standard mobile web articles. 20% more Instant Articles are read on average, shared 30% more often than mobile web articles on average, and readers are 70% less likely to abandon the article. Instant Articles lets you publish different types of articles and has tools to help make stories more engaging. You can also measure and track how people read the articles and add monetization options to help grow your business.


SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital professionals. It lets you track and audit your SEO, improve the results of your PPC campaigns, measure your social media efforts, and create effective content. It can help with both daily tasks and give you detailed analyses to guide your longer term digital marketing strategy. An SEO assistant can help you moderate your campaigns and optimize the tool so it fits perfectly for your business

How To Implement A Growth Marketing Process by Growth Tribe

Growth Tribe’s video on their growth hacking playbook outlines their G.R.O.W.S process. The G stands for gathering ideas for growth. The R stands for ranking ideas, prioritizing the ones you think will be the most effective to start experimenting with. The O is for outlining experiment design where you design an experiment for your highest ranked idea. W is for work – execute the experiment and start to gather the results. The S stands for study results, possibly the most important part of the G.R.O.W.S process. Looking at both the quantitative and qualitative idea will not only show you how your growth experiment went, it’ll also help you learn about your customers and product and make your next experiments even more effective. Once you’ve gone through the steps, you begin the G.R.O.W.S process again.

Your new favourite content tool could be You can create high-quality Google ads copy,  emails, blogs, and more in just seconds. It’s a ChatGPT alternative but with more features and a better experience at half the cost. Prices start from only $9.99 per month.


We’re going to put Google Chrome as a growth tool, although it’s a web browser it comes with a lot of Chrome apps that can supercharge your day. From time tracking apps, scrapers, SEO apps to reviewing page speeds there is a Chrome app for pretty much everything to fuel your growth efforts.

Of course, there are other browsers available such as Brave, but there are differences between Brave and Chrome, between Safari and so on. But for us, Chrome is a growth tool worth looking into.

Sujan’s Growth Framework

Sujan Patel’s growth marketing framework is another useful process companies should be using for growth. Focusing on the lifetime value of customers, Sujan looks at employing tactics to improve the number and frequency of sales in the future on top of any initial sales. The framework for growth begins with identifying top channels and focusing budgets and efforts on those. The second step is identifying weaknesses, looking at the parts of your funnel where there’s customer churn. Then there’s the idea generation step where the team gets together to brainstorm their best ideas for growth. These ideas are prioritized and a plan is drawn up for each experiment. Sujan shares an example of how these plans can be laid out in a spreadsheet. Then the experiments are executed, tested, and repeated.

It’s best to approach growth hacking with a certain mindset. Be open to trying new ideas. Be persistent. Be prepared to fail – it’s how you learn. Involve as many people in the organisation as you can. Growth hackers are all about taking action and continuously moving forward to achieve their goals.

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