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Healthcare & Pharma

Healx is a tech company from Cambridge (UK), focused on accelerating treatments for rare diseases. It integrates artificial intelligence with deep pharmacology to translate therapies into the clinic within 24 months, thereby dramatically reducing the time and cost compared to conventional drug discovery.

To achieve this goal, Healx developed the most comprehensive AI-based drug discovery platform for rare diseases: Healnet, with the objective to translate 100 rare disease treatments towards the clinic by 2025.

There are over 7,000 rare diseases affecting 350 million people worldwide and 95% of these still lack an approved treatment. With the traditional model of drug discovery it will literally take hundreds of years to find treatments for rare diseases. By focusing on approved drugs and harnessing the power of AI, Healx has the potential to find treatments for millions of patients in the next few years.

Healx came to us to create a new visual identity and website that would represent their ground-breaking technology. As their solution thinks outside of the box we applied the same thinking to their brand.

Beyond the logo, our core thought was to take the idea of breaking the mould. Taking opposing elements out of their inherent space and combining together to form a unique and engaging outcome. This is demonstrated through the pairing of different shapes, applied across printed collateral, presentations and digital media.

For the logo itself, we went right back to the chromosome - the nucleus of every cell that carries its genetic information. Chromosomes often form the shape of an X when seen under the microscope, and this gave us the perfect analogy for the brand’s own identity.