5 Brand Refresh Examples That Got It Right

Brand Refresh by Huddle Creative

At Huddle, we know all about the impact a brand refresh can have on your business. We see it day in, day out, with branding clients of all shapes and sizes.

We know that a brand refresh is not just about getting with the times or giving yourself a facelift; it's a valuable opportunity to re-engage and reach out to new audiences while staying true to the core values of your brand.

That's why we've put together this guide, full of examples from brands who have managed their brand refreshes perfectly. From fast food to digital solutions, these companies have gone above and beyond in creating powerful logos, messaging, and visuals that connect with their customers on an emotional level – and drive bottom-line results.

Hopefully, these brand refresh examples provide some much-needed inspiration for your own brand refresh journey – so let’s get started!

What is a brand refresh and why does it matter?

A brand refresh is a holistic approach to tweaking or updating your company’s visual identity, messaging, and overall digital presence. It's more than just changing up logos and colors; it's about developing a new narrative that resonates with your current customers while also appealing to new ones.

Remember: it takes about 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website, so if your brand identity is off, you’ve lost people before they’ve even begun.

A strong brand refresh is a unique opportunity to re-engage with existing audiences and set the tone for future customers. By investing in a brand refresh, you can create an aligned and unified presence that truly reflects who you are – and stands out from the competition.

Don't just take our word for it. Branding statistics back this up, with brand consistency being seen to increase revenue by 33%, 77% of consumers buying from brands that share the same values as they do, and 46% of consumers stating that they would pay more to purchase from brands they trust.

From transforming outdated logos to modernizing messaging and visuals, the examples of successful brand refreshes covered later in this guide prove just how much power lies within a strong brand identity.

Refresh vs rebrand: a quick recap

The first question you're likely to be asking yourself is: do I need a brand refresh, or do I need a full rebrand?

In our rebranding vs brand refresh guide, we cover this in much more detail, but in short, a complete rebrand is a much bigger undertaking than a refresh - and usually requires more time, energy, and resources.

The process of a brand refresh is typically less comprehensive than the rebranding process; it involves small tweaks to the overall visual identity or messaging in order to give your brand a fresh new look without overhauling the entire thing.

It provides not a completely new brand identity, but rather a refreshed, modernized version of your current one.

With that in mind, here are some questions to consider in order to make the best choice for your organisation:

  • Do you want to keep the same core values and mission statement, or do these need a complete overhaul to better resonate with your audience?
  • Are existing customers already connected to your current branding, or is brand recognition low and in need of a total strategy redesign?
  • Do you need to modernise your brand messaging and visuals, or do they already embody the values of your organisation?
  • How many outdated elements need to be brought up to date in order to stay competitive? Just a few, or the entire brand?

5 brand refresh examples that got it right

Example 1 - How Future Platforms refreshed its website design for maximum impact

Brand Refresh by Huddle Creative

One great example of a successful brand refresh is the digital solutions company, Future Platforms.

When Future Platforms approached Huddle Creative, they needed a refresh of their visual identity. The company delivers incredible, vibrant work, but neither its brand identity nor its current website design reflected this. Their credibility and position as industry trailblazers needed to shine through in their branding to a much greater extent.

Huddle's branding experts were tasked with ensuring that the new brand and website design clearly communicated the brand’s expertise and establishment in the industry.

So, we worked closely with the team at Future Platforms to develop a brand identity much more aligned with the business's status, including a redesigned logo and reimagined colour palette, followed by a UX and UI overhaul of the website design.

By updating their digital channels to match their industry authority, the team at Future Platforms was able to deliver maximum impact on these channels and increase their market presence.

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Example 2 - How Burger King refreshed its brand positioning to stand out from the crowd

In 2021, Burger King unveiled a simplified version of their previous logo and identity, updating it to take inspiration from their original, flat 1969 logo. They also developed a new typeface and colour scheme which creates more feelings of fun and warmth in their customers.

What simply works about this refresh is that the new logo reflects the retro roots of the company, helping the brand to truly stand out against a sea of sleek modern branding.

This works so well because it highlights Burger King's long-standing presence in the market, and reminds customers that there is a ‘history’ to the brand - not just a corporate marketing strategy.

Example 3 - How VibeIQ incorporated its current brand into every aspect of their business

Brand Refresh by Huddle Creative

Vibe IQ is an American tech company that offers collaborative apps and a cloud platform to help brands speed up their go-to-market processes.

Our task was to update the Vibe IQ brand by creating new style guidelines and designing a new website. We used WordPress as the CMS because it is the most flexible and scalable solution, allowing VibeIQ to incorporate its branding into every aspect of the business.

The website was designed around an existing brand colour palette and updated logo, which we integrated with modern design elements to ensure a professional, contemporary appearance that is in line with their brand values.

Thanks to our expertise, we have helped VibeIQ establish a consistent and clear brand identity through both visuals and written content. This strong foundation will contribute to the growth of their brand moving forward.

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Example 4 - How Dunkin' updated its brand image to better reflect its offering

As this brand refresh example shows, a brand's logo is much more than just a logo. It's the biggest communicative tool your brand has, and so it should always be kept up-to-date with your brand image, offerings and brand values.

To keep its brand messaging in line with its offerings, core identity and values, Dunkin’ launched its brand refresh in 2019.

This refresh simplified the brand name (by removing 'Donuts' from it) and recrafted the logo by keeping its signature orange and pink colour scheme and rounded font, but adjusting the logo, utilizing the apostrophe and making it pink.

This refreshed new identity allowed them to better communicate with their target audience, showcasing their expanded menu, as they now served more than just donuts.

Example 5 - How Newcore Capital developed an authentic brand voice

Brand Refresh by Huddle Creative

As they entered a crucial phase of growth and maturity, Newcore Capital came to Huddle looking for a rebrand to stand out from their competitors. They needed their brand to be recognised, proven and respected amongst their key target audiences and investors, making way for a more impactful and authentic brand story.

They were looking for a brand refresh that would elevate Newcore Capital as a leading brand in the UK property fund management market while demonstrating its commitment to social value and sustainable development.

Our Huddle Hack workshops set the framework for a refreshed verbal and visual identity, ensuring a shared understanding of exactly where the brand was at that moment, as well as its desired positioning, core value proposition, values, and key audiences.

By ensuring an authentic brand voice, we were able to develop a distinct and recognisable brand identity that was built to stand the test of time. This included a bold new colour palette and typography, as well as illustrations and photography that had an authentic feel.

This allowed Newcore Capital to confidently communicate its core values while continuing to build relationships with key stakeholders.

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The benefits of refreshing your brand identity

Remain relevant

If your brand is constantly evolving, a brand refresh helps you remain recognizable and relevant, giving you a true competitive edge in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Get in front of a new audience

Refreshing your brand strategy can help you reach out to and engage with new customers in a new market, giving them a clear understanding of what makes your business unique. New audiences also provide more opportunities for growth and customer engagement.

Realign with your brand's values

It's important to ensure that your brand identity reflects who you are as a company, and what values you stand for. A brand refresh allows you to redefine these values, helping customers better connect with your brand on an emotional level.

Fresh visual identity and focused message

A brand refresh helps you create a modern visual identity that will stand out from the crowd and reinforce your key messages. A visually appealing and focused message will generate more leads and allow customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand in an instant.

Stronger marketing campaigns

Marketing materials that are fresh, modern and engaging will help you attract more attention and drive sales. A brand refresh helps you create compelling visuals and content that can be used across all platforms, increasing your chances of success.

Tips for creating an effective brand refresh strategy

  1. Set clear objectives for your refreshed brand identity.
  2. Work with branding experts who can provide invaluable guidance on how to effectively craft an authentic message through graphics, text and tone of voice, ensuring maximum impact when launching a refreshed brand identity.
  3. Make sure to define your brand values and mission statement, as these will guide the refresh.
  4. Do market research into competitors and customers so you can establish a unique position in the market.
  5. Create a visual language that aligns with your overall messaging, by using colours, typography and other design elements including illustrations or photography.
  6. Develop compelling content around your new visuals to help communicate what makes your business unique from its competitors.
  7. Use digital marketing campaigns to spread awareness of the new look while engaging with potential customers online, as well as through traditional channels such as print media.

Closing thoughts

At Huddle, we understand the importance of a strong and consistent brand identity. Using our branding services, we help your business remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace while ensuring maximum impact through creative visuals and messaging.

By refreshing your brand identity, you can ensure that customers instantly recognize and identify with your company’s key message – giving them a powerful connection to your business and increasing your chances for success.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you create a refreshed brand identity that will truly stand out from the crowd.

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