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In 2017, Mayo Clinic was adding a direct to consumer genetic testing and screening


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In 2017, Mayo Clinic was adding a direct to consumer genetic testing and screening product to their website and needed our support to deliver quality digital UX for the service.

From guiding the consumer through the meaning of the tests and the delivery of results online, to nurturing consumers after they had done the tests, our goal was to create an accessible, creative and memorable experience for users of the service.

The brief

When Huddle was approached, the client had built a digital genetic testing kit and was in the process of building the supporting website where customers would access the results. However, they had already faced some key blockers to the project in the previous year.

The FDA had stated that they would only licence the product if 90% of the public could comprehend their genetic test results, and at that time, ironically, only 11% of physicians at The Mayo Clinic could read and understand a set of genetic test results!

The brief

Mayo Clinic needed an expert digital design agency to take the reins, design the results journey, and design an engaging and educational journey for the customer that would begin with the six week wait for their results. It was essential that often complex information was communicated and comprehended clearly.

What did we deliver?

1.UI Cards

Our team of digital experts delivered a mix of engaging interactive design elements, including custom card interactions that users could click to answer key questions they may have. By breaking down complex information into small digestible bites of useful data, we allowed the user to easily navigate the important information without becoming overwhelmed.

One of the key elements was the design of a digital jar that the customer could add different custom balls to, representing their genetic makeup, risk factors, etc. The more balls added, the higher the water level would rise, signifying an increased risk. This provided a clear and easy-to-understand way for the customer to visualise their risk level, with no inaccuracy or misleading information.

2. Cocreation sessions with geneticists

As part of our collaborative approach with the client, we facilitated extensive co-creation sessions with qualified genetic counsellors to truly understand the subject matter and brainstorm how we could communicate these complex insights.

With an accurate and educational results journey that met the needs of both consumers and met medical professional standards, we could help people access vital genetic information to improve their health and wellbeing. And that's what we're all about at Huddle - using digital design to improve lives!

3. CEB Concept

The client needed a clear vision and positioning for the project. So we delivered a bespoke customer experience blueprint, which was a blueprint of how to create a strong customer experience with the project.

This document was to be used as a foundation for all future decisions, informing all design information and b. With a real, practical, useful and usable guide, we helped the client keep their focus on the customer journey and deliver a high-quality final product.

How did we do it?

Initial 3 day face-to-face immersion and co-creation sessions

  1. Establishing that the project was missing a clear vision
  2. Providing a clear vision through extensive ongoing co-creation sessions
  3. Ongoing internal meetings and daily client check-ins
  4. Facilitating another in person hack to kickstart the UX product development
  5. Extensive prototype creation for user testing, analysis and review
  6. Delivered a comprehensive, digital-style guide and worked closely with the BAs and tech team


“We got more done in 3 days [with Huddle] than we did in 8 months with our previous agency!”

Marketing Director