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Client Earth is a trailblazing company fighting the good fight to save our planet — protecting both the people and the nature around us.

Unlike any other environmental campaigning organisation, Client Earth utilises the power of the law to bring about long-term change. You’ll find them using their legal expertise to hold governments, firms and corporations accountable for any illegal activity causing damage to our environment.

The Whole Truth: The campaign that forced BP to back down.

When BP’s Advancing Possibilities PR campaign communicated a number of misleading stories about the company’s positive impact on the planet and its environmentally-friendly status, Client Earth launched a legal case against them for false advertisement.

But how could they present a case that would truly drive their message home?

Enter Huddle.

The brief

Client Earth needed us to produce a creative communications campaign that would educate and engage an audience that was currently unaware of these misleading and illegal practices. We also needed to motivate viewers to action and sign an online petition.

What did we deliver?

We immediately pulled together a team of expert filmmakers, copywriters, designers and marketers to create a thought-provoking campaign at breakneck speed.

The team needed to develop a compelling communications and social media campaign with hard-hitting factual messages. Similar to the challenges faced by many marketing and communications professionals working in regulated industries, we had to toe the line here and really do our research.

The campaign website we produced included a detailed video explanation, delivered by one of Client Earth’s lawyers, that communicated a complex issue in a beautifully simple and easy to understand way. The call to action was simply to sign the petition and stand up to false and misleading advertising.

How did we do it?

As with any client, Huddle became a natural extension of Client Earth’s communication team. We meticulously planned what each audience segment would be aware of before and after the campaign, before coming up with creative ideas and executing our master plan.

The big idea for the campaign was The Whole Truth playing on the sworn testimony or oath pledged in court. The campaign broke on social media and included short and highly impactful videos, depicting a typical sustainable energy campaign being interrupted by the inconvenient and uncomfortable truth.