About us

A branding consultancy

that lives to transform

businesses into brands.

Who we are

Since 2009, our studio in the heart of London’s Shoreditch has brought together a thriving collective of strategists, designers, writers, thinkers and doers.

For us, the transformative branding process is a powerful way to reboot, reshape and redefine businesses, so they can achieve their true potential as brilliant brands.

We’re called

Huddle for

a reason

We believe the only way to go far is to go together. So that’s how we work. Collaboratively, honestly and openly, with clients who think about and see the world like we do. We’ve been pioneering agile and collaborative methodologies since our inception.

Our model enables us to offer an extended range of professional design and consultancy services through strategic partnerships with specialists in their field. We leverage our clients’ experience and industry knowledge to deliver truly world-class solutions.


Clarity X


This is our tried-and-trusted methodology that transforms businesses into brands. It’s that sweet spot where collaboration, strategic nous and beautiful creative meet and multiply. Together, they don’t just reboot, reshape and redefine businesses. They create brilliant brands.


Together forever

Together is the only way

Collaboration powers everything we do. It’s how the magic happens, harnessing the potential of working side by side, sleeves up, to problem-solve, explore and inspire. We do this together – through our agency culture, our trusted network of expert partners and, of course, with you. We champion the principles of agile and iterative design, working closely with you on every step of transforming your business into a brand.


I can see clearly now

Clearly does it

Robust research and strategic insight shape the solution to your business challenge, building a repositioning that’s unique, commercially robust, and creatively rich.

Its creative expression works clearly across every touchpoint with an ownable identity, compelling content and joined-up comms that drive a deep emotional connection.

We’re right with you every step of the way, so you feel in control, involved and confident in the process.

Who we work with

Helping businesses grow since 2009.

Our clients are ambitious businesses ready to embrace the next stage of their growth. We have a B2B focus and cover multiple sectors:

Our team

You can’t have a good huddle without good people.

Management team

Oodles of experience, bags of charm, level-headed, fun to work with. There's also Danny and Natalie's dog, Cobie, but we're not going to pretend he's part of the team, because, well, you know, he's a dog.

Danny Somekh

Founder & CEO

Sam Richardson

Managing Director

Natalie Somekh

Operations Manager

Tom Ward

Creative Director

Nicole Posner

Client Partner

Roland Glover

Strategy Director

Client testimonials

You can take our word for it. Or you can take theirs.

“Whilst we had achieved some good results with our past agency we needed a creative reboot. We picked Huddle as they were extremely attentive, their approach was much more collaborative and it felt like a natural extension of our team."

Sam Halkyard
Group Product And Marketing Manager
Mini MBA