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How to rebrand your business as painlessly as possible

Let’s say you need to rebrand or relaunch a business, but you’re not sure where to start.

Obviously, you don’t want to throw away all of the hard work put into building up the brand so far. But also, there’s a reason you are looking at rebranding your business…

We’ve broken down the process of updating your brand into three easy steps that will put you on a firm footing towards a successful rebranding.


1. Identify what is driving your rebranding

Step one is to pull together everything that will help a branding expert understand your business and its customers. We have a handy form for doing that [link to data capture form download].

Do this so you know you are rebranding for the right reasons and more importantly, so the specialist in rebranding can validate your decision.

Also do this so you can capture all of the challenges and opportunities a rebrand of your business will surface.


2. Be clear on what success will look like

Step two is to be very clear on what you are trying to achieve beyond a new logo, an identity refresh or even a new brand name. Having the right brand strategy is vital to the success of a brand - new or old.

Trust us, we can spot from a long distance the brand identities that have been developed by a talented designer, but with little thought to how well the new ‘brand’ is going to work strategically for the business.


3. Work to a process

Step three is to make sure there is a clear route to the right outcome. If you want to know what pain looks like, speak to a colleague who commissioned a design project only to find their agency didn’t have a process for delivering great work. Many brand agencies don’t.

Obviously, we wouldn’t say that unless we had a very clear one of our own. It’s called Creative Burst, a sprint-based approach where we take each phase of a rebranding project and break it down into two-week ‘creative bursts’ that allow us to understand, explore, ideate then create new branding ideas. Between each sprint are regular meetings that integrate you into the process so you are never presented with a fait accompli.

You can see some of the results of our process, aligned with creativity that really drives results, in the Related Work section below or the Work link at the top of the page.


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