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When you are an entrepreneur you have little time for anything else. Your business and its growth very often define who you are. You’re an entrepreneur, full stop.

That’s the idea behind the The Entrepreneur and its E. branding, with its attendant purple ‘full stop’ dot.

The Entrepreneur is an ecosystem that provides access to tools and content focussed on entrepreneurs building a business - a resource, an inventory, a library that can be fully customized to suit their requirements, interests and specialities.

Led by an already highly successful entrepreneur, Ryan Howsam, the team at The Entrepreneur gave us a simple brief: Be ‘The Entrepreneur’. The brand had to reflect input from The Entrepreneur him or herself, even though no such character existed.

The Entrepreneur, whose advice and recommendations should be the final word, has made it his mission to deliver the best content. To get this across, as well as the full stop device, we emphasised the quality of the content and tools on offer by underlining key phrases and concepts - speedy indicators for busy people that this is content that should not be missed.


So as not to obstruct this emphasis on what is important, we chose type, colour and even iconography on the basis of keeping everything minimalist - we get straight to the point as quickly as possible. The result is a brand that is distinctive in selling The Entrepreneur’s message but doesn’t get in the way of delivering the prize - the content itself.


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