Byron + Wilf

Byron + Wilf
Brand, Digital, Print

Byron + Wilf were an ideal client. Director and Founder Alexandra Durnford knew what she wanted, which could have been something to do with the fact that she’s a business coach! But she’s no traditional business coach – she helps professionals deal with work-related and personal problems, coaching them in their decision-making and guiding them to the answer rather than telling them what to do. She approached Huddle with the brand name taken from her boyfriend’s name Byron and her dog’s name Wilf and they set off to create a brand identity for her individual and team coaching services.


“Taking their brand values: empathetic + honest, collaborative + realistic, focused + calm, Huddle designed three minimal style routes that reflected the Byron + Wilf ethos.”


The problem was that the three routes provided a reverse challenge: it was hard to choose which one to go for. Good thing Alexandra knew what she was doing when it came to decision making! The plus signal symbol was agreed on as the identity, indicating the partnership between Byron + Wilf and the client with an added positive feel.


With the route decided on Huddle got to work on the website, making sure the brand identity shone through. To go with the website, Huddle also produced business cards with a foil finish on premium tactile paper that reflects the quality of Byron + Wilf’s service.


Alexandra says, “The third route was absolutely what I wanted but didn’t know how to explain and the others were so tempting too! Thank you so so much. I know I am certainly not a big client but I felt as if you have put as much thought into my brand as you would for a global institution. Really, I cannot thank you and your brilliant team enough. I almost cried!”


"Really, I cannot thank you and your brilliant team enough. I almost cried!"


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