10 ways to fail at disruption and break your brand


At our last Brandflakes masterclass, eclectic attendees from Vodafone, Kantar, British Red Cross, Xerox and Barclays joined us over breakfast to chew over how to disrupt a market without breaking your brand.

As usual, it was an eye-opener to see how many challenges we all share, despite our different backgrounds.

One key insight was how important it is to hire diverse people who think differently. That’s because the attributes your team need to disrupt your market are different from those you have today.

When people hire people like themselves, it limits the flow of new perspectives and ideas

Or as the quote goes “A problem cannot be solved with the same thinking that created it”.

Innovation stems from confrontation. Too much groupthink will hold back disruption and make your brand, well, bland.

Here are 10 more ways to fail: 

#1 Have no shared vision that people can believe in

#2 Shame people for failing

#3 Don’t let people keep trying

#4 Aim for consensus

#5 Spend too much on technology

#6 Don’t invest enough in people

#7 Try to keep up with trends

#8 Don’t answer real needs or solve real problems

#9 Don’t ask ‘why’ enough

#10 Never ask ‘what if’?

Hungry for some fresh thinking?

Our next Brandflakes event takes place later in the year. If you’re a ‘cereal’ innovator (sorry) and have ideas to bring to the breakfast table, we’d love for you to register your interest here.

Danny SomekhComment