Brandflakes: bitesize insights into digital transformation


Brandflakes is Huddle’s exclusive series of masterclasses, strictly limited to 10 attendees from an eclectic mix of fields who’re devoted to evolving their businesses through digital design and innovation, all hosted by yours truly.

It truly is the breakfast of champions.

At our first event of 2019 we gathered together leading lights from LEGO, Just Eat, Gaucho Restaurants, Viber, Bizspace and Global Governance Institute.


Despite their different sectors, there was a lot of common ground when it came to the issues around digital transformation and disruption.

I put in fresh coffee, delicious pastries and a few open-ended questions, and here’s just a snippet of what came out...

#1 Digital transformation is about implementing new technological systems that create radical change.

#2 It’s about customer-centricity, changing (for good!) their experience of accessing your products and services, and getting your brand and personality across all the while.

User expectations are sky-high, and tolerance is crashing. Subtle things can leave them with a bad experience.

#3 Things should be done incrementally - successful digital transformation means breaking a big scary change down into bitesize incremental changes that are actually achievable.

#4 Digital transformation means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but the commonalities seem to be around the human-centered nature of where we’re trying to move all our businesses, brands and services towards.

It seems to be going in the direction of the individual, and putting them in control of their experience.

#5 Because ‘digital’ is such a buzzword, there is a temptation to pull it out as its own thing and silo it, but really it has to touch all points of the business.

#6 People digital transformation is a way to dazzle your board if you want money - “Throw in blockchain and innovation and you’ve got the budget.”

#7 The answer to a business’s problems aren’t always digital (they can be to do with process, people, or any number of other things) and so it shouldn’t be the default solution.

Throwing investment into fancier computers and building an app because ‘it’s what the world demands now’ isn’t the answer!

#8 The mistake a lot of companies make is that they imitate or challenge their competitors, which results in all of us doing the same thing. This is not true creativity and won’t make you stand out.

#9 Transformation is very much about transparency. It’s so focused around people having now access to more information about what a business is up to. This radical transparency seems to be on the rise.

#10 One of the biggest challenges is making sure that digital transformation is taking place in a way that is authentic to your own brand and align with your brand values because that’s the first thing your customers will call you out on otherwise.

Recognise what you’re good at and double down on that - or you’ll end up looking like a Dad at a party.

Hungry for a helping of Brandflakes?

Our next Brandflakes event takes place on Thursday 28th March.

We’ll be looking at customer-centric brands that have succeeded in gaining traction and market share through digital design and innovation, as well as exploring the recurring themes of delivering innovation in an existing business.

If you’ve got the expertise to bring to the breakfast table, I’d love to hear from you.

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