Biopsy your brand in 10 minutes or less


One of the daftest assumptions you can make about your brand is that it’s a static, unchanging entity, and that once you’ve established who and what you are, you can then rest on your laurels.

We all know that reviewing and iterating is part of the constant evolution that keeps your brand relevant.

But knowing that something needs to happen and knowing how to execute it are two very different things.

That’s why I’ve pulled together some of the burning questions brands should be asking themselves - and answering truthfully - in order to make an accurate assessment.

Think of it as a super quick health check for your brand. Routine monitoring prevents any nasty surprises sneaking up on you.

Is our brand out of step?

  • Have we become pigeonholed as something we just aren’t?

  • Is the story we’re telling outdated or outgrown?

  • Have we inadvertently become associated with something that isn’t meaningful anymore?

  • Has the buzz around us faded or dwindled?

  • Are we relying on our history or reputation?

What’s going on with our customers?

  • Do we know exactly who we’re doing this for? … and do we know what their greatest ‘pain points’ or frustrations are?

  • Have their needs changed?

  • Have their expectations of how they interact with us changed?

  • Why should they care about our brand?

What’s going on with us?

  • What problem are we attempting to solve?

  • What are our goals? For the next year...5 years...10 years…? ...And will what we are doing (as far as anyone can reasonably predict) work with those goals?

  • If we were just starting out today, how would we brand ourselves?

  • Are we leading with our brand direction, or are we following?

What’s going on out there?

  • Have there been changes or developments in the marketplace?

  • Who is our closest competitor? ...and how do we differ from them?

  • Which brands (say, 5 or so) do we admire? ...and what is it that makes them effective?

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