Thank you, Huddle!


The wonderful Bailey joined Huddle all the way from Nashville for a 2 month internship - here's what she thought!   

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms

Everyone at Huddle is incredibly inclusive and genuine. Having that is something I really needed coming from Nashville to London. I remember calling my parents right after my first day and saying “I love it here. I have my own desk. This is going to be great.”

Thank you for being unapologetically you

This is something that is going to make it extremely hard to leave. The people of Huddle are so themselves it just works. At my experience here I have been so encouraged to be myself and I am celebrated for doing so. Watching everyone here get excited about what they do is so inspiring.

Thank you for teaching me more than I ever expected

Seriously, I learned so much just observing everyone on a day to day basis. I have learned that bullshitting gets you nowhere. I learned that getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow and you can’t be afraid to ask questions. I have learned an incredible amount of slang and I am grateful for that. Here are some of my favorites (favourites):

           “Oh for fuck’s sake!”

           “I was so mashed”

           “Have a day off, love”

           “Let’s have a think”

           “Bloody hell”

Thank you for keeping things interesting

No day at Huddle is the same. There are always new challenges, new opportunities, and new ideas. Everyone in the office is so different and has something unique about them. I have enjoyed observing how a group of diverse people work so well together.

Thank you for making it so hard to leave

UGH I hate goodbyes. This one is really difficult because working with everyone at Huddle has been so valuable. I have loved every minute of being here. Bring on the waterworks for fuck’s sake.



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