Meet our new Huddler, Camille


We have a new Huddler!

Camille is a master of graphic design (literally, she has a Masters degree in Graphic Design from ESAM Design, as well as a ton of experience with top brands and agencies both in France and the UK) who found her way here thanks to her former boss at Parisian agency Brand Brothers.


We asked Camille a few ‘getting to know you’ questions, during the course of which we found out that the French for Huddle is ‘ensemble’ and that the Crown and Shuttle is her new favourite boozer.

We tactically didn’t mention football...

Hi Camille, great to have you onboard. Can you tell us a little about what you’re looking forward to while working at Huddle and, dare I ask, what your impressions of us are so far?

I’m really excited about working with an active, young team. There’s a great atmosphere and energy here, both in the studio and in London in general.

I’ve wanted to work with an agency with more of a branding focus for a while now, and I love the ‘true friend’ ethos at Huddle. Everything here feels really genuine.

Cool, that’s awesome to hear. Now, about you. What first got you interested in design? How do you like to approach creative products?

To be honest, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t enjoyed creating funny designs. I like to use a lot of colour, and the notion of the dynamic and original in what I do.

For me, design is like a sort of puzzle where the challenge is to find the best way to communicate what the brand or customer is trying to convey. I suppose I’ve been gamifying work for a long time without knowing it!

I like gathering inspiration from everything around me - you can’t just rely on Pinterest! Art galleries are great places to spark. We are lucky to be in Shoreditch where many things happen in the design universe. One of my favourite place is the Jealousy gallery. There is some very cool work in screen printing.

To start a project, I also love create a good to-do list. Sometimes it’s more like a brainstorm, just full of key words for the project, but it helps me get going and find the good artistic direction. A good preparation is the most important for a design project. It’s like a run, you have to be prepared before you start.

Got it! Any work-related pet peeves?  

When everything is all done and dusted, we have to create the artwork and the final document to send to the printer. More than anything else, it’s the stressful moment for a designer. It can be expensive if something goes wrong at that point! These things happen though, and I’d always do everything I can to create a perfect artwork. I want to spend a night without nightmares after I’ve sent it!

Yep, we know what you mean.  We’re really interested to hear more about your move from Paris to London. Any differences or similarities?

I think one of the most striking things is that people in London seem to totally trust my professionalism and that I know what I’m doing, and just generally feel more welcoming and open. I think in Paris, obviously because I’m pretty young, there was sometimes a degree of scepticism that I could do a good job.

I’m all about discovery, and there’s always something different going on in London. Meeting new people and improving my English from being immersed in the language is so good too. It’s the only way to do it really.

Naturally I do miss my friends and family, but overall I’ve found it easy to adjust. I was very lucky to get everything done in the space of two weeks - I found my flat in one week, and my first job over here a couple of days later. It all sort of fell into place!

Thanks so much Camille, it’s brilliant to have you onboard!

We're always on the lookout for talented folk who can bring their skills and fresh ideas to the Huddle family. If this sounds like you, feel free to drop a link to your portfolio at:





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