Meet our new Huddler, Sophie


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We’ve added another member to our team!

Sophie may be new, but she’s not a stranger.

We first met her back in 2012 when she did a small piece of work with Danny and the much missed Daz. She made an impression, and we kept in contact over coffee on the reg.

She must have liked us too, as in her own words, she “jumped on the train” to become our Head of Product Strategy.

So let’s find out a bit more about the woman who claims to find literally nothing about work annoying! 😇

Hey Sophie, awesome to have you with us. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Before joining Huddle I spent 4 years at Karmarama as a product owner and strategist. I was involved in the creation of mobile & digital experiences, digital transformation programs and activation strategies.

I’ve always loved getting under the skin of users to understand their behaviours, their motivations and their needs to then craft products in line with what would be most useful to them.

That’s the reason why product strategy is a field I really find so exciting - and ever changing!

Fantastic! So what are you looking forward to while working at Huddle and (dare we ask!) what are your impressions of us so far?

I’ve been there almost 5 months now - time flies when you’re having fun!

I love the friendly atmosphere in the studio and everybody here is so genuinely nice. When I get to the studio, it’s like I get to my second home.

Working in a small agency has a lot of perks and I think Huddle’s studio and team are very unique!

I’m really looking forward to helping our clients build more meaningful relationships with the people they care about, and helping to develop tools that make their digital strategies stronger.

We can’t wait. Now, about you...what first got you interested in design? How do you like to approach creative products?

In my opinion, design is a tool to approach challenges differently and is a genuine vector of change.

You can change the world through design!

Leveraging data to inform the creative process is one of the most exciting things for me, and I think rooting any creative work with human insights is very important. It’s impossible to develop relevant, personalised and meaningful experiences without doing so.

In my role, I don’t necessarily ‘design’ things as such if you’re using the true creative sense, but I design experiences, which are equally important for the end user.

What gets on your nerves? Do you have any work-related pet peeves?

It takes a lot for me to get frustrated really, as I’m just naturally a very calm and focused person. I really don’t think I have any particular pet peeves. I’ll have to think about that one!

We’re really interested to hear more about what you’ve been reading, listening to or some of the events you’ve attended recently. Any fascinating ideas or concepts that have grabbed your attention?

I’ve been reading ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life’ by Beth Kempton’. It’s a book that gives some insights into Japanese culture but mostly around the notion of Wabi Sabi wisdom, that nothing is ever perfect and that it’s important to accept- and find beauty in- the imperfect things.

It gave me material to think differently about certain aspects of life, and I found this quick read very enlightening as well as calming - a good book to have by your bed at all times.

I’ve been listening to a really cool podcast called Les Baladeurs (from Les Others magazine, which I think is only in French at the moment though), about adventurers, their experiences into the wild and the reasons that led them to push boundaries.

It’s a great way to escape when I’m walking down the streets of busy London, as well as being a wonderful source of inspiration.

Events I’ve been to recently…

Trendwatching - An insightful event about 2019 major socio-cultural trends, with an insider peak on people’s changing behaviour towards tech and creative ways brands have found to address this. I do love behavioural insights!

Connect London - a new event with loads of interesting 20/30 min talks. I was lucky enough to attend the one led by Sir John Hegarty, as well as other inspirational ones around how to leverage blockchain creatively, how to make AI more human, internal & external ways to innovate.

I’m planning on attending the GroupThink monthly events too, where strategists of all sorts meet for a chat and some drinks - always a good opportunity to be curious and meet new people.

And finally - 2019 is the year I’ll be attending SXSW in Texas, which I’m beyond excited about!

Thanks so much Sophie - we’re beyond excited to have you as a true friend.

We're always delight to hear from talented people with fresh ideas and skills to bring to the Huddle family.

Just drop us a link to your portfolio at if this sounds like you.

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