Why your brand should be on social media

Social media has proved its staying power as a marketing tool. Some companies even put their success down to it. Still, there are businesses who question whether being on social media is worth it. Coming up with a social strategy and executing it takes time (and money if you’re hiring someone to do it). But social media can be great for brands, offering a lot more to gain than just likes and followers.

Make connections

Social media can help you build relationships with customers. After all, how often do you get the chance to have a two-way conversation with them? Also keep in mind that there are 2.3 billion social media users globally. That’s a lot of people to connect with.

Gain exposure

If you’re active on social media and regularly sharing website content, it’s going to direct more people to your site. Social media can also help boost your website’s SEO. Google looks at your social influence to help determine whether your website is a credible source. Also, content that receives a lot of engagement on Twitter (likes, tweets, and retweets) is usually picked up by Google more quickly, pushing it up in the result rankings. And don’t forget social media is the new word of mouth. If people are talking about your brand and sharing your content, their followers are going to see it too.

Find out what people think

Search for your brand name or a competitor’s brand name on various social networks and you’ll be able to see what people have to say. This process is called social listening, and it’s a great way to gather customer insight and hear their sentiments. Social media also makes it easy to see what people think of your content through comments, likes, and even Facebook Reactions you receive.

Offer support

A lot of people turn to Twitter and Facebook for customer service. Some companies even create a separate profile just to provide support. Being able to handle customer concerns through their preferred channel is, well, good customer service. And if you aren’t providing social support, customer complaints are going to be left unsolved where everyone can see them.

Show some personality

Social media is another place where you could be establishing your brand identity. Through frequent posts and interactions, people will quickly get a sense of who you are. Show your brand’s personality through your tone of voice and the videos and images you share.

Choose wisely

Managing multiple social media profiles isn’t easy, but remember you don’t have to be on every social network out there. Focus your attention on the ones that are the best fit for your brand. If your brand will benefit the most from visual content, go with Instagram. If you mainly want to share product updates or news from your business, try Twitter. You should also keep your audience in mind when picking the networks you want to be on. Snapchat might be the social network of the moment but its user base is mainly made up of 16-24 year olds. If your target market is baby boomers, Snapchat probably isn’t an app you need to bother with.