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We got off to a flying start on Tuesday with the second #DaftAssumptions event ‘Daft Assumptions CEO’s make when branding a business’.  The breakfast event was at Forge and Co, Shoreditch who provided the fooder needed kick start thinking about branding a business. It was nice to see new faces and some familiar faces from the daft family all thinking seriously about the impact their brand has on their business.

At Huddle Creative, we believe that companies have the ability to have a powerful, meaningful message that will encompass brand identity, visibility and purpose... leading to success. Over time, a strong brand can become one of the most valuable assets a business can own, so it’s worth investing a little time and effort in developing.

Danny Somekh (Director of Huddle Creative) ran through the Daft Assumptions CEO’s make when branding a business:

# 1 ‘People don’t buy into your brand’
The culprit, Ratner made the daft assumption that people were buying into the product as opposed to the brand, and being transparent about it nearly brought the brand to it’s knees.

# 2 ‘You can extend a strong brand easily’

Who? Harley Davidson, who thought they could extend their offering into the world of fragrance off the back of their strong solid brand, they were wrong!

# 3 ‘You can launch a new product on the back of a strong brand’

Yes Apple, we’re talking to you and we’re talking about the Apple Newton, a product launched far too early without proper consideration and technology, and it bombed.

# 4 ‘You don’t need to evolve a strong brand’

Ovaltine, the brand that literally went to sleep. Thinking that there strong positioning needed no repositioning. Where are they now?!

The assumptions launched into a lively debate with the panel Steve CheliotisBenjamin Erben,  Anthony Eskinazi and Danny Somekh. One thing was agreed on – no matter what your business is, branding matters. A lot. Then in true Huddle Creative style, we hacked. The task was to brand tap water. (if you're an Only Fools and Horses fan - does Peckham Spring to mind?) The teams put together an elevator pitch to describe the hypothetical brand. Harder than it sounds! Everyone then went head to head and pitched their idea to win the DAFTA award. 

Full of coffee and pastries we all went off with an inspired spring in our step to enjoy the rest of the business day. A huge thanks to everyone who came and joined an enjoyable, insightful morning.

Helen SproatComment