800 reasons why professional organisations should use professional writers


The rise of content marketing underlines the growing importance in business of good written communication. Yet many organisations still don’t use professional writers. And it shows. Websites, blogs, social media and emails can be highly effective marketing tools, but only when they’re written by people who know what they’re doing.

Imagine that a law was about to be passed allowing members of the public to walk through your office whenever they liked. 

Things would have to change, wouldn’t they? After all, you couldn’t have potential customers seeing your unwashed coffee cups, malodorous bathroom cubicles and unfocused snaps of Jamie from Sales in his Village People fancy dress outfit. 

Some serious interior decorating would be called for, along with a revision of the cleaning rota and a memo reminding everyone to sharpen up their dress and grooming standards. 

Have you considered that a similar change began happening in the late nineties and some organisations still haven’t adjusted to it? 

I’m talking about the rise of online communication. My point is that, before the advent of websites, your information was not on permanent 24-hour display for anyone to inspect at will. 

Now it is. And, just as you don’t want potential customers to see cracked bathroom tiles, coffee stained carpets and flies trapped in the light fittings, neither do you want them to read content that could damage your brand.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to hire a professional writer – either full time or freelance. If you’re not prepared to do that, one or all of the following may result. 

Your content will probably be dull

People who don’t write much don’t usually know how to make a piece interesting. That’s hardly surprising because it’s not their job. I don’t think I’d make an especially competent stand in dentist no matter how hard I tried. You may have all the knowledge in the world but you’ll still probably need someone to bring it to life.

Your content will probably be internally focused (and a bit pompous)

After all, you’re the quality solution, aren’t you? Your ‘refreshingly straightforward approach’ and commitment to ‘going the extra mile’ is about ‘always putting the customer first’. 

It’s a common and understandable error to think too highly of your business and not realise that customers won’t read through those same rose coloured specs (if they read about you at all). A professional copywriter will help you understand what really attracts customers.

Your content won’t be seen by anyone

Unlike amateur scribblers, professional copywriters have useful tricks up their sleeves.

  • They’ll take time over the headline to ensure it gets people’s attention. 
  • They’ll write with an understanding of how people read copy these days. 
  • They’ll tune the language towards the customers and the words they’re likely to respond to.
  • They’ll avoid jargon, buzzwords, clichés and tired, worn out language.
  • They’ll help you navigate SEO.
  • And they’ll keep it short and tight so it looks good on the page - no wall of words. 

You probably won’t have the time to create content

Let’s say you’re the boss of a widget manufacturer and you managed to avoid all the pitfalls above. You composed an entertaining and useful piece about what widget buyers need to look out for. 

But what’s next? Can you keep it up? Should you even need to? A good writer can conduct a phone interview and turn it into whatever piece you want, leaving you to spend your time on what you do best.

If you’ve read this far and still don’t know why you should employ a professional writer, remember this:

A 2013 study revealed that 59% of Britons would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material. 

Just as an experiment, I Googled ‘accountants’ plus a random British town to see how quickly I could find an error in the copy. Here’s what I found: the very first sentence of the very first entry read as follows: 

“Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping is time consuming and there are so many rules and regulations even us accountants despair at times”.

It took just five words to find what I was looking for. To be honest, even I was surprised. And it certainly highlights the extent of the problem. So, if you insist on going it alone, at the very least make sure you consult a professional writer, or even a proof reader, to help you avoid looking unprofessional.

Good content can really help bring in business, but bad content puts your brand’s reputation at risk. Your customers won’t dwell on it - they’ll just go elsewhere. Indeed, for some of you, it may already have happened. You’ll never know.

Nicole PosnerComment