Assumption is the mother of all £#@?! ups!


Daft Assumptions are a series of events designed to help marketing, brand and innovation professionals avoid the less obvious pitfalls when developing brands, campaigns and products. The ethos is simple. Assume nothing, because assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!

Born out of our Huddle Hack process we wanted to share our experiences of working in an innovative way, efficiently and effectively, and translate that into a series of interactive events where people walk away with something actionable for their business.

Daft Assumptions are unusual, honest and no nonsense events - bringing together an eclectic mix of marketing, brand and innovation professionals looking for practical and actionable insight from key industry insiders. This is the place to see what's on the horizon and what you need to do about it.

This time round we’re focusing on Daft Assumptions CEO’s make when branding their business. Join us for some breakfast brandflakes and leave with a belly full of ideas!

We believe that there’s tremendous value in branding. So why wouldn’t you want to build a brand of your own? Your company has the ability to have a powerful, meaningful message that will encompass your brand identity, visibility and purpose, which will lead you to success. Over time, a strong brand can become one of the most valuable assets a business can own, so it’s worth investing a little time and effort in developing yours.

You can loose focus of your company’s story which is why every business needs a branding plan. It’s easy to do brand damage that can take years to repair, so we want to help you to avoid making daft assumptions when branding your business or product. If you’re a business in need of a branding plan come join us!

The next event is on Tuesday 7th June 2016, 8:30am - 11:00am at Forge & Co - a unique social space in the heart of Shoreditch.

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